Sunday, February 17, 2013

We love "Love Month"

We hope that everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. One of Emily's visiting teachers from church said that it is "Love Month" and that we should celebrate all month. Well, I don't know if we have been celebrating all month, but we definitely celebrated all week! 

It all started on Monday where we made some cute little brownie balls dipped in white chocolate with pink sprinkles on top. I'm not going to lie, they didn't look as pretty as I would have liked them to, but they were incredibly delicious! We then turned it into somewhat of a service night and took them to some friends (we also kept some for ourselves... We can be so selfish at times...). Here are some pictures from the week to help your imagination.
To start the process, we baked the brownies first and then mixed it all together.
Then we sacrificed our hands by molding the hot brownie into balls and placing them off to the side.
Then we melted some white dipping chocolate and rolled the brownie balls in the chocolate. 
Then we sprinkled them with some pink sprinkles.
And wallah!
We didn't seem to catch too many pictures of our actual Valentine's Day experience. We ended up going out to this place called Cafe Seoul for Korean food. Then we went to the dollar theater to watch Parental Guidance. The movie was super funny and comes strongly recommended for people who like humorous family movies.
We ordered some teriyaki chicken, udon noodles (which is actually Japanese), and some  bibimbap. I think when we walked into the restaurant, looked around, and realized that we were the only white people, we could count the place as authentic. I have never been to Korea before (aside from the airport) so I can't actually tell you if the food was authentic or not, but it sure tasted good!
This was the bibimbap before Emily mixed it all together. After she had mixed it a little and added her sauces, one of the workers brought us our teriyaki chicken and he said "you need to mix more... more sauce!" or something like that. It was pretty funny.
On Saturday we decided to go down to Medford and spend some time at the LDS temple there. It was really beautiful and just nice to be there. The weather was also awesome! The only complaint was that we had to drive about 5 hours (2.5 hours there and 2.5 hours back) to spend 2 hours there, but we survived and enjoyed ourselves.
We are so glad that tomorrow is President's Day. We aren't quite sure what we are going to do yet. Emily still has class (only 2 hours) but neither one of us has work. Does anyone have any fun ideas? Hope you all get to enjoy the holiday tomorrow as well. Much love from Eugene, Oregon! 

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