Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weird Bird Phenomenon

Have you ever seen millions of birds at once? This weekend, on our way home from Portland, we witnessed the most amazing bird phenomenon. Cars were slowing down to about 20 mph, and all we could think was, "what's up with this traffic?" Then we started seeing wave after wave of birds flying from a tree on one side of the freeway to the other side and landing in a field. Each wave must have consisted of thousands of birds! They flew in such close groups; it was amazing that none of them flew into each other. As we drove under the swarms of birds, bird poop came down like rain drops; pretty crazy stuff! Once we passed the birds, traffic resumed to normal speed. To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, check out at least the first few seconds of this video.

We are excited to be hitting the road on Wednesday to make our trip down to the Silicon Valley for Thanksgiving. We know traffic will be fun (not), but are excited to see family, especially our new niece Makenna, who was only born on the 9th of November. We hope that everyone else will enjoy their Thanksgiving week and look forward to seeing some of you soon!

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