Monday, December 10, 2012

From One Holiday to the Next

We have been missing from the blogging world for a few weeks. Finals were killing me (Emily)...BUT THEY ARE OVER!!! Wahoo! Now I can organize my kitchen and catch up on the blog and dream about sugarplums instead of Marbury vs. Madison. I love the holiday season. 

For Thanksgiving, we drove down to California to be with James's side of the family. I am so lucky to be in love with my husband AND my in-laws.

James and Mikey.

Toy Story Mania on the Wi. Such concentration!

And of course, I have to document food. This was a great (aka EASY) crockpot chicken and Mexican rice recipe I found on this blog.

And on to the next holiday...I roped James into decorating our apartment for Christmas. He was a good sport, but the "smile" kinda gives away how he really feels about the decorating process :)
Our tiny Christmas village - more magical in person. We found these tiny houses at Goodwill - my new favorite place.

This weekend, we spent a few days in Portland with the fam bam up there. This was our candy-eating, face-painting, how messy can we get, gingerbread house decorating activity.  Homemade gingerbread and all.

Kirsten, the perfectionist, who I am pretty sure was determined to make me laugh every time I used the frosting so that my house wouldn't be as cute as hers. She totally succeeded.

The face-painters.

...and a close-up on their house. Isn't the lake adorable?! And the dog house? They were a great team.

Not even Kayla knew she was so talented at gingerbread house decorating. Her house turned out so well - even without any help.

My house. It kind of turned out to be an odd mix of Whoville and The Nightmare Before Christmas with a Fijian flare. 

James's gingerbread house...

...but we can still give him a little credit :) I'm so glad I have a sweet hubby and festive family to celebrate the season with!

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