Monday, October 1, 2012

Awesome Weather and Fun Trips!

What a crazy and long week! Emily started classes and I started at work again. I didn't really mention it before, but I got a job as a substitute instructional assistant (IA). You might wonder what an IA does... Well, IA's get to work with kids that have variety of mental and/or physical handicaps. I have only worked with students at elementary schools so far, but it is quite the experience! I come home fairly tired, but it is just awesome to see the kids progress. How much do I actually get to see them progress as a substitute you ask? Well, as a male IA, the schools that I sub at want me back. I have had the privilege of working for several weeks and have only been to 3 different schools. Maybe I wouldn't call it progress, but it is awesome to see the kids being independent on their good days (I won't go into the bad ones). Most of the kids are in what the schools call a Life Skills classroom environment. I get to spend a lot of 1-on-1 time with kids and also get to ask a lot of questions when I'm not sure what to do or how to react to a situation. All in all, it has taught me more patience, and also a variety of ways to communicate with others.

I don't want to bore you with anymore stuff from school, so I'll post a few pictures about some of the highlights of the week.
This is Uncle Jeff, cousin Brady, and I at the golf course in Portland. Emily and I went up to the temple with our church's youth (I got called into the Young Men's Presidency... yay!!!) and stayed with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tricia Saturday night. The last time I golfed, was when I was like 10. Uncle Jeff and Brady were really good at feeding me encouragement. :D

Look yummy? It was! 

Aunt Tricia, Kayla, and a few of the other girls made this awesome chocolate cake that has crushed heath bars on the top. We also got to eat a gourmet dinner on Sunday night with them... I wish I had taken a picture. Thanks Tricia and Jeff!

This was my birthday present. It's the lego edition of Blackbeard's ship from  Pirates of the Caribbean. It actually took me quite some time to put it together.

Just another view. The little guy in front was a free monster car set that I got with the purchase. Pretty much it's awesome!
Well, that's about it. We are just excited to start another week in the beautiful weather we are having here. Much love! Until next week!

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  1. of course you'd blog about golf, cake, and legos.