Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Girl of My Dreams!

Well, although today is Emily's birthday, she still couldn't get out of the last day of her mediation clinic thing. Another week has flown by and Emily is still alive. :) The last post was no understatement. She is always studying textbooks and writing papers. This past week she got her first paper back and got an A-... (Not bad), so it looks like all the time she is putting in is paying off. 

Last night Aunt Tricia, Uncle Jeff, and their kiddos plus cousin Brady stopped in Eugene on their way home from a week at Lake Shasta. It was fun to visit with them and celebrate their daughter's birthday (happy birthday again Courtney!!!) and Emily's birthday. I just want to state again how nice it is to live on the same island as our family.

So for our 2 year wedding anniversary, we did end up going to the coast to a little town called Florence. It was beautiful weather and just nice to be by the coast again.

They had little information displays talking about the history of different places in this town that were pretty interesting. The building in the background is called Mo's. We went to dinner there and it was awesome!

Somehow we only captured this one picture of our appetizer. It was some kind of shrimp and artichoke dip with garlic bread. I think after we tasted it and got our main dishes, we were 1. too hungry and 2. mesmerized by the delicious looking food to take more pictures. I had some fish and chips and Emily had their famous clam chowder in a bread bowl. It was super good and we would recommend the place to anyone in the area.  

After walking around Florence and eating dinner, we headed to the beach. I'm not sure what the name of this place was, but the view was spectacular. 

We had to hike up this hill and once we reached the top, this was our view. Reminds me of the beached in Northern California.

On the other side of the hill, it was a completely different beautiful view of forests like you can see there in the background.

Overall, we were very happy with the beach. The sand felt so nice. We did dip our feet in the water and it was a little too cold for my taste, but it was still nice. In between the busy-ness of studying, I'm sure we'll be making a few trips out to the coast.

These are the birthday girls, Courtney and Emily. We went out to Red Robin and had a blast.
So despite Emily being busy with school stuff, we did find time to have fun on the coast and go out to eat with family. We really are just loving life here at the moment... We'll see how that changes once I start to work. :) I hope everyone else has a great week and that you will get a chance to celebrate Emily's birthday in your own way. Much love!

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