Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Best Last Day of Summer Ever!

Well we have almost survived the first term of school. This week is my (Emily's) last week of class and then we are off to...DISNEYLAND with the fam bam!!! Can't wait! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

This week we were completely spoiled (again) by our Portland fam. My aunt the temptress convinced me that "a little R&R is really healthy sometimes" [translated directly as "Forget about your paper due in two days and come party with us!"]. And oh man, we are glad we listened to that little temptation :) We had an amazing day playing with them and enjoying the sunshine...and I got an A on my paper.

This is James. Isn't he beautiful? I found myself falling for him all over again.

On the right is my cousin. That girl could go FORever. She amazed us all.

Yep, that's me...pretty much drowning on the kneeboard. It happened multiple times. 

Me and the cousins. We tubed and screamed for probably an hour straight. At one point when I'm quite convinced that my beloved uncle was trying to kill us, my cousin screamed "This is the best last day of summer EVER!!!" I totally had to agree. 

James probably won't approve of me posting this picture, but I just thought it was so funny. So I was working on homework yesterday and James, after doing everything he possible could - the dishes, fixing the car, making lunch, etc. - finally slowed down a bit and went into our office. This is how I found him a little later. Playing Settlers of himself. He won, of course. This guy cracks me up. Gotta love him.

So, exciting news - James got a job this week! It is a substitute position, so it's not permanent or full-time, but it's a great start. He will be working with students with disabilities and helping them succeed in the classroom. Should be a great experience. Thanks for all the prayers you have sent in our direction! Love to all our family and friends!

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