Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas is...

A quick picture catch up from some of the last month.

Christmas is food...
Sausage bread. A Sinkovic family tradition that I tried for the first time. Awesome!

(these were divine, by the way)
 Christmas means escaping the snow in one place (Eugene)...

 ...So you can enjoy it in another (Utah).

Christmas is sledding...
Don't you love the excitement on their faces?

Snow fight

Mom got confused and thought we all said "Let's go jogging!" Just kidding...she is so diligent. She jogged, we sled.
 Christmas is irreverent nativity reenactments...

This is the one time of year when Walter is allowed on the carpet. He is a perfect sheep. And no, Jess is not a ghost.
The three wise guys. See the Ken dolls on her shoulders?
The whole cast
 Christmas is relaxing...
James did probably 7 puzzles during our time in Utah

And Anna lived it up in the princess tent
 Christmas is family time...
A pre-birthday party for Anna at Color Me Mine.

Complete with presents and all. 
Aren't they so cute together?

I think she liked it :)


...and after.

Romantic dinner for Mom and Dad. Fun.
 Christmas is running....BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE! (Mom and I signed up for yet another half marathon and this was one of our early morning runs in Utah. Brrrr! Makes me happy that we will be running in Oregon, not Utah!)

Yes, those are ice crystals on our eyelashes!

Quite possibly the worst picture ever taken of my face. It cracks me up. And makes me cold.

 Christmas is seeing the sights...
A day in Salt Lake. We visited Dad at the office, the Church history museum, the Family History Library and met up with some friends for dinner.

 Christmas is projects...
My amazing new apron from Mom. Adorable pocket and towel that attaches with a button. LOVE IT!!!

 Christmas is ice skating with the sistahs!

Love those leggings :)


Ah, how far we have come from the early years where I spent hours hunched over, trying to keep this kiddo from falling. Now she zooms around all by herself.

Sneaky Jess...I knew you just wanted to hold James's hand :)
 Christmas is coming home...
Always a bit sad to come home to an empty house after spending an awesome vacation with family. We miss them already, but are so grateful for a loving family and reasons to celebrate!

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  1. Oh dear, Jeff should have sent you home with some food! Glad you had a fun Christmas vacation. Love you!