Sunday, March 2, 2014

Love Month

Life lately for us...including all of the strange weather Oregon likes to throw at us.

Valentine's Day came early for us and James totally surprised me with a trip to the coast, where we stayed at a beautiful bed & breakfast and did some fun shopping and enjoyed the beach - the only sunny place in Oregon...sometimes :)

Then, a few days later, we had a CRAZY snow storm and school/work was cancelled for days! The snow was followed by an ice storm and there was tree carnage all over the place. The University of Oregon sent out email alerts warning people not to walk under trees (kinda tricky in Oregon...) because branches and whole trees were falling down all over the place!

Despite the craziness, we kept celebrating Valentine's Day pretty much the entire month. Yes, those are pink heart-shaped pancakes. So festive.

Then a couple weeks later, the weather was so warm that we got out for an impromptu bike ride along the river. More sunshine - yay!

Ok, I took waaaay more pictures of my bike than I did of us. But look how cute it is!!! Can you blame me?

I thought this was so funny - this sign was half covered in water. I feel like it is a sign...I mean like a sign-from-the-universe-kind-of-sign...telling us to throw caution to the wind. Or drown it in the water. Something like that. 

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