Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Besties Come to Town

Monday was my (Emily's) birthday and I got the best gift I could have asked for - a visit from Lisa and Greg! Despite our sleep deprivation, or maybe because of it, we laughed all day - even to the point of tears a few times if I recall correctly (ahem, Lisa). Our visit was way too short, but I am pretty sure that no visit could have been long enough to satisfy us. We did manage to pack quite a bit of fun into our short day together though.

We drove out to the coast and spent some time on the beach taking ridiculous pictures and playing in the freezing cold water. Then we went to Mo's - a really great seafood restaurant - and out for ice cream. 
Greg found this little rubber lobster at the beach and thought it would be funny to scare Lisa with it. (For the record, it was pretty funny - lots of screaming, camera sailing through the air, etc.)
Possibly my favorite pictures to take - beach jumping photos.

We walked out on the jetty trying to reach the "shipwreck" at the end, which ended up just being a big pile of logs, but it was fun anyway.

Fish and chips at Mo's. Yum. Nothing beats their hot shrimp and artichoke dip though. Nothing. Come visit us and you'll see.
Ice cream on the dock. It was not as pretty as it looks in this picture - the wind was blowing and the sun was a little too intense for our ice cream. By the time we were done, we had ice cream on our clothes, feet, arms, everywhere. 

My husband is just so talented. I should put him in cheerleading.
Our awkward attempt at a jumping-kissing photo. We will soon have a collection of these. I'll be able to make an "Awkward Kissing Photos" photo album.
I love this one.

Oh this? This is Suzie, the all-American breast cancer awareness dragon that joined us for ice cream at the dock, right next to the prostate cancer awareness booth. Don't ask. 
On the way home from the coast, the boys dropped Lisa and me off at Goodwill (the local thrift store) for a "shopping spree" (think poor, starving college student splurge). It was so nice to have Lisa all to myself for a couple hours and we actually found some really fun clothes for super cheap. (Between you and me, I absolutely LOVE thrift store shopping and will probably continue to do it even when I become rich and famous ;) So much more satisfying than buying brand new at full price. It's like the difference between buying pre-packaged food at the grocery store and going out into the wild to hunt for your own food...I think. I've never actually been food hunting...just clothes hunting.)

We came home and had a fun little birthday party. We made dinner and cake, played games, and laughed even more - who knew it was possible to laugh so much in one day? 
We are so lucky to have such good friends. We miss them already, but are so excited to see them at New Year's...or earlier(?). In the meantime, we will have to be satisfied with Skype dates and phone calls. Thanks for a fun visit, Lisa and Greg! Love you guys!

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