Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July Fun

Both Emily and I had a nice 4-day weekend to celebrate the 4th of July. It was pretty awesome being able to do so many fun things like BBQ, go to the movies (we saw both The Lone Ranger - which was fairly good, but a little on the violent side - and Despicable Me 2 - which was pretty funny and the movie that we enjoyed more out of the two), and hang out with friends and family.
The week before 4th of July, I got to go rafting with the youth group in our church. Some of my favorite boys!

We also went out to eat at a new Thai restaurant called Ta Ra Rin. I had some yummy BBQ chicken and Emily enjoyed some yellow Thai curry and some mango sticky rice for dessert.

We also had fun doing a Wasgij puzzle.

We went up to Portland for most of the weekend and enjoyed a day on the river boating. Here is our cousin Candace drying off with a shammy. She tried to do some knee boarding and the beginner skies. Most of the time she was outside of the boat was spent on the tube.

Our cousin, Kellie, did an awesome job on the wakeboard and also spent a bit of the time on the tube.

I thought this was going to be a nice picture of me because when Emily took it, she said that I was such a hunk. However, I just look like I'm bored... which I wasn't. Emily and I had a fun time wakeboarding, slalom skiing, and riding on the tube. 

Here is Kayla in the water. She thoroughly enjoyed her time boating both skiing and tubing.
Carter also had a blast on the tube and helping pull the rope in whenever it needed to be pulled in. 

This is what one of our walls looks like in our apartment now instead of just a blank white wall. Emily finished one of her projects for the summer in helping our place feel a little more homey.

A little random, but we had tacos rice this past week and took a picture because that there on top is lettuce from our garden. Go us! Our garden is doing wonderfully. We hope to be eating some of our tomatoes and peppers soon as well.
I hope that everyone else enjoyed their nice little weekend as much as we did. We send our love!


  1. Nice to hear from you. But where dd you spend the 4 th of July and what are your plans for next year James?

  2. We spent about half of the 4th of July in Eugene and half in Portland. If I had to make a guess for next year, I would have to say Syracuse, New York. On a different note, we will be heading out to Hawaii the end of August/early September. Still trying to figure out the exact dates.