Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Miracle of Life...and Chickens

This week, I (Emily) watched an egg hatch for the first time. It was pretty amazing to watch. The little guy (with the giant foot!) in the video below had been working to get out of his shell for over five hours. I was lucky enough to see the last hour of him breaking out of his shell. I took a short video of the climactic moment for you to enjoy:

Yesterday, our awesome American friends took us to Urabandai and the five colored lakes. Bandai mountain was a volcano that erupted in 1888 (and was supposedly due for another eruption a hundred years later...uh oh), and blew a crater in its top. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

The first lake. Some people rented canoes and paddled out on the lake. We didn't rent a canoe, but we were lucky to enjoy perfect weather the whole day.

There were five different colors of lakes as a result of the mineral run off from the volcano. They were all beautiful, but the blue was definitely our favorite.

The water was so beautiful in contrast to the greenery around it.

Part of the red lake/pond. Everything it it looked rusted. Not very pretty, but interesting.

Pretty moss.

These ferns were everywhere, and all of them grew in a perfect circle like this one. I felt like I was walking through a jungle.

For date night on Friday, James and I made homemade tortillas again with yummy black beans. Beans, and black beans especially, are a rarity in Japan, so it is a treat when we can find them.

After dinner, our activity was painting...we are very talented artists (*snort*) as you can see below:

Mine. Not finished yet, but I'm definitely going for more of an abstract feel here.

James is much more artistically-gifted than me, though you would never know it because I uploaded his picture upside-down :) 
That's about all for us this week. Love to all of our family and friends!

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