Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Japanese HS student + English class = Hilarity.

A few Japanese funnies worthy of a midweek post.

James and I have recently finished up the academic school year here in Japan. James received TONS of thank-you notes and cards from his classes and I did a final evaluation with some of my students. Some of the notes/responses we received were written in typical hilarious Japanglish, so I have documented a few below (unchanged from their original state) for your reading pleasure.

From my final class...

What does Emily sensei want to study in graduate school? (FYI, the correct answer is either mediation or conflict resolution.)

*Merition (close, but not quite)
*Teauch is English. Emily want to study in conflict and mediation.
*Meditional confict and resolution.
*Mediation conflict
*I want to mediation. (Meaning you want to study that also?! Or you need to go to mediation?)
*Conflict resellution and career
*She study conflict in graduate school. (Ha! Just to make it, not resolve it!)
*He want to study conflict resolution. (Right field, but try again on the gender.)
*She studied Japanese every day. but she thinks kanji is difficult. (That is very true, however...)
*TESOL = Teaching English to Speakiers off Other Languages (Confict Rezorution) (Hooked on phonics worked for me!)
*Japanise (Amazing answer, but no.)

What activities or lessons with Emily sensei did you enjoy most this year?

*I enjoyed the different games with Mr. Emily and classmate. (Again, we have some gender confusion...I'm starting to get worried. I'm definitely growing my hair out this year.)
*I went to go Hawai with her. (No, we did not take any field trips this year.)
*I enjoyed "Do you love neiver game!! (FYI, neiver = neighbor)
*I did enjoy all resson.
*All lessons enjoy!
*Your neighbor (This sounds like a bad "Yo Momma" joke.)
*Last speach (Like a peach?)
*I could enjoy learning English everytime with everyone and Emily sensei
*I enjoy most a school hours
*It's a this class.
*Valentain's speach.
*I always fun your activities and lessons.
*circle play game (heart) very interesting :D
*Rob chair.
*I enjoyed activities that my classmeat hide sharp. (No, none of our class activities involved sharp objects...just shapes.)
*Show me Emily sensei family picture.
*Finding mess takes
*Making ice cream. (I can only assume she is referring to our English club activity that went horribly wrong. We tried to make homemade ice cream in Ziplock bags, but it was an epic fail.After about an hour of freezing their hands off, all the English club girls had for a reward was cold sweet milk. Thank heaven for 7-11 and my hubby who provided us with some real ice cream.)

In your opinion, how can Emily sensei become a better teacher in the future?

*get more experience (ummm...I'm working on it.)
*keep now.
*smile and vigor!
*Rome was not built in a day. (Wow, maybe I'm doing better than I thought at this whole English-teaching business.)
*The important thing I think is never spares any effort.
*Don't shy!!
*You are enough good.
*Yes, I think so much. 
*Yes. Emily sensei can become a better teacher. (Then again, maybe not. Your vote of confidence is so assuring, but did you understand the question?)
*I think you talk with many people.
*You will become a beautiful teacher. (Why, thank you.)
*I think Mrs. Emily should go to Aspen Snowmass, CO. to ski best place!
*No cange in now
*Sure!! Because you're powerful and cute!! (kanji - laughing) Thank you!! (Powerful and cute at the same time, huh?)
*I think that now is better, so I don't went you to change.
*I think she masters various thing.
*Your smile is very cute. (Irrelevant, but nice.)
*Please keep the never give up mind
*Sorry. I can't Answer. (I plead the fifth!)
*Your teach is very interesting!!
*You have to know        scolding. (That big space was in the original answer...maybe a dramatic pause?)
*You can.
*Keep as you are. I LOVE YOU 
*Emily sensei can become cute teacher!
*Maybe, you have to eat "plain yogurt". (I told my students that the only Japanese food I really hate is plain yogurt. I think this student is implying that it may not be possible for me to become a better teacher.)
*I like Emily sensei's smile. Your smile make us happy. You always keep smile.
*I think Emily sensei more many Japanese people to speak.
*I don't know. It's yourself. (Is this like, "It's your life. Do with it what you want." or "Figure it out for yourself."?)
*I think that you keep what you is.

That, in short, is why I love my job.

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