Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Spring in Eugene rocks. Minus the allergies that mercifully have not touched me...just my poor snot-nosed hubby. Poor guy. Though sometimes, I wonder what is worse - to have the allergies yourself or to live with the constant nose-blowing, coughing, sneezing, nastiness...I could argue the latter.

Anywhosie, despite the allergies, we did get out a bit this week to enjoy some of the sunshine. We made homemade hamburgers and had a picnic on our balcony and talked for hours while the sun was setting. 

It was my parents' anniversary yesterday, so this was our celebration in their honor :) We feel so grateful to both come from homes where our parents love and are committed to each other. So many children don't have the luxury of two parents to love and care for them for whatever reason, and I'm not sure why James and I were so lucky, but it certainly shapes the way we view our marriage and family life. 

We sure love these two!

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  1. Me too! Happy Spring! Can't wait to see you again!